Our Services

Babbitt Nelson Engineering works with clients to meet their needs and budget. Our design approach emphasizes communication with the design members to determine the architectural goals and then use innovative engineering and materials to meet those goals. We pride ourselves on helping to create environmentally and structurally efficient buildings

Planning and System Development

  • Evaluation of structural systems, to select the most effective system for the project.
  • Preliminary structural design and value engineering to aid the architect and design team in developing an efficient and durable structure.
  • Alternative and environmentally friendly materials with respect to the client's goals and needs.

Structural Analysis

  • Provide structural analysis using most current methods and programs.

Civil Engineering

  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Water Resources

Land Planning

  • Site Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Residential Layouts
  • Commerical Site Plans
  • Entitlements

Construction Document Preparation

  • Develop structural drawings, detail and specifications for the structure.
  • Provide structural plans for use in submitting to the Building Official.

Construction Administration

  • Assist the contractor and other team members through coordination and clarification, until the project is completed.

Shop Drawing Review

  • Review shop drawings with respect to structural drawings, details and specifications.

Building Retro-fit

  • Experienced in design of modifications to existing structures.
  • Including modifications due to change in use or to comply with current building codes.

Code Development

  • Determine structural testing procedures and requirements to determine the material strength and develop the International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC ES) reports for approval by ICC code team.

Plan Review Service

  • Contract with Building Officials to review structural plans and calculations for compliance to Building Code.

Code Consultation

  • Review plans for code conformities

Plan-Check Approvals

  • Aid the client in obtaining building permits by consulting with the Building Official to ensure that building code requirements are complied with.

Foundation Systems for Manufactured Homes

  • Review foundations of manufactured homes for FHA certifications.

Special Structural Inspections and Observations

  • Provide structural observation when required by Building Official, to verify that the construction adheres to the construction documents.
  • Provide observation reports and certificates as required.

Forensic Investigation

  • Investigation of structural failures to determine the causes of the failures and the most cost effective solutions.
  • Evaluation of fire or other damaged structure to determination future use of structural elements and repairs.

Due Diligence Reports

  • Provide investigations of existing structures to determine the adequacy of the structural elements and systems. Provide report with photographic documentation as needed